Our artists

MuKo presents some of Sweden's finest live acts within and between Jazz, Folk and World Music and experimental spheres. Here you can read about our artists and listen to some great new Swedish music.


Linchpin explore the limits of a duo within the piano/percussion instrumentation.

Malva's responsive interaction and Godée's lyrical melodies makes a tremendous opportunity for a lasting musical collaboration that will make an impression.

Music created by three strong personaleties in a time where musical grounds are merging and moving.

Photo by Sonny Boy Gustafsson

New written Swedish chamber Folk with Eastern European vibes.

Photo by Peter Lloyd

A vibrant saffron fragrant and cinnamon flavoured world musical Christmas brew.

Photo by Ingela Agger

A miscellaneous mix of modern chamber music, minimalism, baroque, free improvisation and hint of new tango.

Photo by Miki Anagrius

Experimental, sonorous & unexpected music.

Photo by Kristin Lidell

Music without borders, filled with sensitivity & warmth.

Photo by Pär Kjellén

Palestinian and Swedish origin, own compositions and folk traditions meet.

Photo by Maja Kristin Nylander

A solid musical foundation that is stable in every aspect, dealing with dynamic and innovative compositions.

Photo by Magnus Bergström