Kaja & Tetra: Midvintervaka

Photo by Peter Lloyd

With saffron fragrant songs and cinnamon flavored tunes a vibrant Christmas brew is made of Caribbean, Scandinavian, English, Greek, Arabic and East European music influences and traditional tunes. 

With the show "Midvintervaka" canvases Kaja & Tetra up a sumptuous Christmas dinner for everyone. The seven musicians and singers offer a colorful Christmas show with dancing and music drawn from various folk traditions: Nordic, Greek, Arabic, Celtic, Roma, Macedonian, Italian and Caribbean folk music, klezmer and tango. It sounds ranging from Staffan Supervisor and Santa Lucia in Italian to the brand new midvintertango and Haitian comfortable swinging Christmas music. Known and less well-known, traditional and newly written, locally and internationally. 

Midvintervaka is created by the two swedish folk/world music groups Kaja and Tetra. The members are all professional musicians performing in a number of different groups and projects, such as New Tide Orquesta, Ale Möllen Band, Kultiration, Amanda and many other.

Their first album, that was released in October 2012, have recieved rave reviews!

Maria Stellas – vocal and percussion
Ingrid Brännström – vocal and percussion
Sanna Källman – vocal, cello and percussion
Anna Ottertun – vocal and percussion
Camilla Åström – accordion
Livet Nord – violin and viola
Jenny Kristoffersson – double bass





5/5 Folkbladet

"impressive musicality that permeates all"
– Gunnar Wiklund, Folkbladet

More TBA!

Contact/Further info

Livet Nord
Phone: +46 704 414 001
Skype: Livet Nord
E-mail: midvintervaka@mukosweden.com

Booking contact
Jessica Jungegård
Phone: +46 730 263 969
E-mail: jessica@asping.se




Composition by Camilla Åström


Joyeux Noël/Lusse lelle/Jovano Jovanke


Released albums

Midvintervaka (Kakafon Records 2012)

Info/Press Flyer

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