International exchange and interaction in music

Responsive music export from Västra Götaland, Sweden.

We are a booking agency for some of western Sweden's most exciting and innovative musicians. We are particularly focused on international relations and interact with festivals, venues, agents, managers, promoters and individual musicians worldwide. We wish to build strong networks, to develop and manage concert exchanges between Sweden and other countries, spread and get inspired by live music.


Lorenzo De Finti Quartet

MUKO proudly presents the Italian renowned piano player Lorenzo De Finti and his quartet. They have recently released the album "Love unknown" and are coming to Sweden for short visit in October. Don´t miss it!
"a delivery from four outstanding musicians; pure poetry without words. "
Lorenzo De Finti – Piano
Stefano Dall’Ora – Bass
Gendrikson Mena Diaz – Trumpet
Marco Castiglioni – Drums

24/10 Clinic  Göteborg,  Academy of Music
24/10 kl.19   Borås, Wärenstams
25/10 kl.12   Halmstad, Nissanscenen
25/10 kl.23   Göteborg, Hagakyrkan, Kulturnatta

Tormis Quartet & Mingo Rajandi Quintet

Nefertiti jazzklubb
6 augusti 2019 kl.16:30-20:00

Part of Gothenburg Culture Festival - admisson free!




MUKO has started a new collaboration with Rosetum jazzfestival in Milano, Italy. Corpo made a memorable concert there in november 2018, and we are looking forward to future exchange projects.


It was a great pleasure to see you all at the MuKo Festival 2013! Great concerts were performed by Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything, Leszec Kulakowski,Tesla​, Kaja​, Martina Almgren Quartet​, Amazonas​, Irmelin​ och Mikael Godée Eve Beuvens Quartet. We look forward to MuKo Festival 2014.

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MuKo is proud to present two new groups. One that was funded last spring and one that has existed since 1996! Please enjoy Myst​ and New Tide Orquesta​!

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We are proud to announce that on the the 3rd-8th of October our group Kaja is invited by Jarasum International Jazz Festival for showcases, concerts, TV shows and magazine interviews! MORE INFO ABOUT JIJF

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Meet us at Jazzahead in Bremen. Muko will be found together with Svensk Jazz and

Export Music Sweden at D10+D12 CCB.

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Kaja & Tetra will go on tour in december 2013 with there show Midvintervaka. There are still tour dates open! Welcome to contact us!

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Tesla booked for Ystad jazzfestival 2013

concert on August 2nd



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