International exchange and interaction in music

Responsive music export from Västra Götaland, Sweden.

We are a booking agency for some of western Sweden's most exciting and innovative musicians. We are particularly focused on international relations and interact with festivals, venues, agents, managers, promoters and individual musicians worldwide. We wish to build strong networks, to develop and manage concert exchanges between Sweden and other countries, spread and get inspired by live music.


Lorenzo De Finti Quartet

MUKO proudly presents the Italian renowned piano player Lorenzo De Finti and his quartet. They have recently released the album "Love unknown" and are coming to Sweden for short visit in October. Don´t miss it!
"a delivery from four outstanding musicians; pure poetry without words. "
Lorenzo De Finti – Piano
Stefano Dall’Ora – Bass
Gendrikson Mena Diaz – Trumpet
Marco Castiglioni – Drums

24/10 Clinic  Göteborg,  Academy of Music
24/10 kl.19   Borås, Wärenstams
25/10 kl.12   Halmstad, Nissanscenen
25/10 kl.23   Göteborg, Hagakyrkan, Kulturnatta

Tormis Quartet & Mingo Rajandi Quintet

Nefertiti jazzklubb
6 augusti 2019 kl.16:30-20:00

Part of Gothenburg Culture Festival - admisson free!




MUKO has started a new collaboration with Rosetum jazzfestival in Milano, Italy. Corpo made a memorable concert there in november 2018, and we are looking forward to future exchange projects.


In one week MuKo will be attending Womex in Santiago de Compostela! Ask for Livet Nord in stand 1.60, Sweden@Womex!

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Etiketter: muko@womex

MuKo have the great pleasure to welcome the new trio Nord/Dahl/Långbacka. Three strong personaleties creating music animated by a tide of merging and moving musical grounds. MORE INFO

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MuKo hereby proudly anounces that we have a new concert organizer as our partner, Lidköpings kommun / Kulturbruket. More info:

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MuKo are excited to reveal their newest international partnership with Appollo Jazz Network. The two organisations will work together to develop exchange programmes between musicians from the UK and Sweden, with their inaugural project taking place in 2015.

It’s always exciting to connect with organisations and individuals who share your passion and ambition. Apollo Jazz Network do great work in UK and have built up international connections to facilitate exchanges and performance opportunities. We’re honoured to become a part of that network and look forward to doing great work together in the coming year.

For more information about AJN, you can visit their website:

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Picture Tom Waits playing the fiddle, backed up by the Mahavishnu Orchestra” Toronto's Fiddlecore psychedelicatessen dance party with occasional heart-guzzling symphonic departures! Last year Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite Of Everything were performing at MuKo Festival in Gothenburg and at Stockholm Jazz Festival as well. Now he's back again!

Book this fabolous band by contacting Livet Nord:

More info:

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MuKo will be exhibitors at the 2014 Jazzahead in Bremen.April 24th-26th. Meet our representative Ebba Westerberg at booth D12 Export Music Sweden.
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Sveriges ambassadör i Oslo bjuder in till ett möte mellan svensk och norsk jazz. På residenset i Oslo den 20 feb kl.16
Muko är inbjudna att presentera sin verksamhet och knyta kontakter.

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