M u K o   f e s t i v a l   2 0 1 3

The 19th of October at STora teatern (Gothenburg, sweden)

October the 19th MuKo will arrange a big festival/showcase event at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg with six MuKo groups and two extraordinary international acts from Canada and Poland that MuKo collaborates with! The festival day will also include family concerts and a day reception for specially invited guests (agents, concert organizers, music organisations, festivals and more).



Launch and networking session
 with snacks and drinks, affording opportunities to make new contacts and to meet peers and colleagues. Music industry representatives from Germany, Scotland and Canada will be in attendance, among others.
12h30 Irmelin

Family Concerts
14h00 Tesla
15h00 Amazonas

Concerts with MuKo artists and international guest artists
16h00 Tesla
16h40 Kaja
17h30 Martina Almgren Quartet
18h15 Amazonas
19h15 Irmelin
19h50 Leszek Kulakowski Quartet (Poland)
21h15 Mikael Godée Eve Beuvens Quartet (Swe/Belgium)
22h00 Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything (Canada)

Contact MuKo for more info about tickets, hotel bookings and other details: info@mukosweden.com

Stora Teatern



Ord. price 220SEK
Students 120SEK

Ord. price 180SEK
Students 120SEK


International guests on stage

Jaron freeman fox (Canada)
- the opposite of everything

Picture Tom Waits playing the fiddle, backed up by the Mahavishnu Orchestra” Toronto's Fiddlecore psychedelicatessen dance party with occasional heart-guzzling symphonic departures. 

A veteran of having played on 40 albums and touring with such bands as Delhi 2 Dublin, The David Woodhead Confabulation and Ben Caplan, fiddler and composer Jaron Freeman-Fox now has his own group, The Opposite Of Everything. Like Freeman-Fox’s mentor, the late Oliver Schroer (1956-2008), Freeman-Fox is an iconoclast. The style of the band almost defies description, incorporating Celtic/bluegrass/East Indian/classical/jazz/klezmer. With clarinetist John Williams, Johnny Spence on keyboards and accordion, Dan Stadnicki on drums and vocals, Charles James on bass. Moog and vocals, Edwin Sheard on saxophone and vocals, they can really get out there and party down, like a fiddling Frank Zappa or Sun Ra and his Arkestra, changing pace and styles on a dime but always with consummate musicality. They even do a twisted version of The Doors’ People Are Strange on this debut.  -Penguin Eggs

Jaron Freeman-Fox - Violin
Charles James - Bass
Dan Stadnicki - Drums
Sam Davidson - Clarinet
Filippo Gambetta - Accordion


Leszek Kulakowski Quartet (Poland)

Leszek Kulakowski is a contemporary music composer, jazz pianist, music theorist and educationalist, referred to by the critics as “jazz visionary”. He is the guru of the so-called Third Stream, which combines modern music with jazz.
As a composer Leszek Kulakowski is fascinated by jazz understood as a material for universal musical narration. When it comes to short jazz forms, he experiments with sounds by combining jazz with aleatoric music (“Aleatomodalblues”), serialism (“Seriablueslism”), polymodalism and polytonality (“Gonitwa No 7”). Kulakowski’s fascination with Krzyztof Komeda’s music and personality inspires him to organise the Komeda Jazz Festival (held in Slupsk and Gdansk). It aims at cultivating and developing the work of Krzyztof Komeda, also known as “the Chopin of Jazz”.

He has composed over 150 jazz pieces for various instrumental and instrumental / vocal sections – from jazz ensembles to big bands and symphony orchestras. He has cooperated with many stars from the American and Polish jazz scene and performed at major jazz festivals in Poland, Western Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain) and the United States.

Leszek Kułakowski-piano

Jerzy Małek- fluegelhorn, trumpet

Piotr Kułakowski-bass

Tomasz Sowiński- drums